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    Media Relations

    We are masters at obtaining publicity for our clients...

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    Sports Marketing

    We have engineered events and interviews with star-studded athletes....

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    Business and Nonprofit Marketing

    ParksPR increases awareness about your company and services...

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    Event Planning and Management

    ParksPR is an industry leader at planning spectacular events...

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    Entertainment PR

    We create memorable entertainment marketing campaigns...


ParksPR is a leading agency specializing in sports, entertainment, and lifestyle public relations and marketing. No matter what industry you are in, our agency enhances your brand with a unique combination of traditional and non-traditional mediums. We understand the importance of getting the job done and exceeding the expectations of our clients. ParksPR takes ideas to the next level, transforming these concepts into realities. Let us represent you or your company today!


Media Relations

There are very few tried-and-true marketing avenues as powerful as media relations. And having us place your product, service or event in the hands of dozens of media professionals, journalists and reporters can make tangible difference in how you are perceived— it can ensure that you get noticed, that your product sells, or that your event is heavily attended.

Sports Marketing

There are a host of public relations companies that claim to be separate from the pack, different, and “one of a kind.” And some of them are. But most are not. At ParksPR, we can let our (proven) track record speak for itself. We have engineered events and interviews with star-studded entertainers and athletes.

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